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PostPosted: Sat 1 Nov - 12:18 (2008)    Post subject: UFOS SIGTHINGS Reply with quote

Reported By: Jerry D. Chesterfield, Virginia. January 8 2007
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Powhatan, Virginia Date: 12/23/06 Time: 10:00 PM Witnesses: 1 Number Of Objects: 10 Object's Shape: Disc Additional Information: Under high voltage lines. Objects had lights
Event Description:
Under power lines waiting on someone. I looked up and saw a bunch of, at first, lights. As I focused I saw it was crafts making
movements that crafts in the sky shouldn’t. It looked as if they were playing, kind of like Tag.
It was very entertaining. Eventually while doing the same thing over me as they went off into the distance.


Reported By: Andrea B. - Radford, Virginia - January 28, 2005

Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Montgomery County, Virginia - Date: January 27, 2005 - Time: 10:30 PM - Witnesses: 2 - Object's Shape: Light - Number Of Objects: 1 - Object had lights - Object had an Aura or Haze around it - Object changed colors - Object hovered -
Event Description:
My best friend and I were sitting in my car on my Mother's land, out in the country. We spotted a strange light on the treeline, a short distance away from we watched it, it was weaving through the trees, would hover over them, dip down, hover again.

We automatically knew what it was and I turned on my car and headlights. I headed down the hill of my Mom's property to leave. I stopped at the bottom to look back at it. It was closer, the colors were more intense, I floored my car while my friend looked behind us, and soon right out her window, we could see the object hovering over where my car has just been sitting atop the small hill.

There are no words for what we saw that night.

Reported By: Mallory - Woodbridge, Virginia - January 30, 2004
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Ft. Belvior, Virginia - Date: June 2000 - Time: PM -
County in which Sighting Took Place: Fairfax - Witnesses: 3 - Number of Objects: 1 - Object's Shape: Circle
Event Description:
My sister, her best friend and I were outside one evening just goofing off and having a good time. For some unexplainable reason we all looked up at the sky, at the exact same spot, where we saw what we thought was a star. It was very bright, and getting brighter. It continued to get brighter for about 5 seconds the slowly faded away to nothing.

It was a very strange experience, considering we all looked at the same spot without saying a word to each other.

I truly believe that we saw a UFO that night.


Reported By: Bethany - Staunton, Virginia - November 13, 2002
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Staunton Virginia - County: Augusta Co.- Zip Code: 24401- Hour: 4 PM - Witnesses: 2 - Objects Shape: Light - Number of objects: 1 - Object left a vapor trail - Object emitted other objects - Radio and or TV transmitter near by - Additional Information: on the road that goes between Lee-Jackson Hwy & 81
Event Description:
Well, I was in the car with my mother on the way home. We were at a stop sign and noticed a big, star-like being in the sky. I thought it was Venus, because sometimes it is visible before dark, but it was flickering a little bit.

Shortly after we had watched it for a few seconds, a bit of reddish-orange dust came out of it and it zoomed back into space, I presume. There, it looked like a distant star, then it flickered again and disappeared.

Please, somebody, email, if you have any information at all. It was incredible.


Reported By: Jeremy F.- Gloucester,Virginia - December 24, 2001 at 20:14:50
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Gloucester, Virginia - County: Gloucester - Zip Code: 23061 - Hour: PM
Objects Shape: Other - Number of objects: 2 - Additional Information: In my backyard
Event Description:
I was in my back yard one day, but I don't remember exactly what day it was. I saw two round looking objects with a line running through each one on the sides sorta like wings I guess.They were like 500 ft. away from each other, traveling pretty fast. Then the one in the front just took off and flew like 10 times away from the one behind it. It was just moving so fast and I knew it couldn't be any other type of aircraft so it had to have been an UFO or some sort of alien related craft. It was weird, I wish I would have had a video camera or something.
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Reported By: Vance - Hampton, VA - July 24, 2000 at 7:07 PM
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Hampton, VA - Zip Code: 23669 - Date: 1995 - Time: 5 PM
Additional Information: On Mercury Blvd., heading toward the Coliseum. - County sighting took place: Hampton
Witnesses: 4 - Objects Shape: Cylinder - Number of objects: 1 - Object had an Aura or Haze around it
Object hovered - Sighting took place near A Military Airfield or Base - There was a Radio/TV transmitter near by
Event Description:
When the events I am describing took place they were witnessed by myself, my brother, my father, and a close friend. I only recently remembered this experience when I was talking to my friend who was with me and we both remembered it exactly the same. I then talked to my brother and father without telling them what my friend and I had discussed. The results were the same.

It was the day that the movie 'Stargate' came out, I know this because we were going to see it. When we turned onto Mercury Blvd. my friend saw a "thing" hovering in the distance. When I looked up I saw a HUGE Cylinder floating in the distance, reflecting the afternoon sun. This thing had to be massive it looked big to us, but had to be a mile away and at least that high.

All four of us watched it at a stop light for about a minute, and we noticed people in other cars pointing at it and shaking their heads. Now I have been through all of the 'maybes' here. We considered it may be a balloon, nope. Maybe a military craft? It was simply too big to be anything that I or anyone else in the car had heard of up to that point or since. You could actually see the that it was a real 3D cylinder that was reflecting light and moving slowly. I thought you might find this interesting.
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Reported By: Vance - Hampton, VA - July 24, 2000 at 6:51 PM
Subject: UFO Sightingn - Location: Williamsburg, VA - Date: Unknown - Time: 4 AM
Additional Information: Near a major brewing companies brewery.
Witnesses: 2 - Objects Shape: Disk - Number of objects: 1 - Object emitted other objects
Object hovered - There were High Voltage Power Lines in the area
Event Description:
I wanted to let you know about this because you may find it interesting. My father used to work in Williamsburg, VA at a major brewery. He knew pretty much everyone who worked there and ended up hearing this story from one of the guys who saw it.
Apparently two truckers were behind the brewery loading their trucks at about 4 AM when one of them noticed something odd. They saw something reflecting the big flood lights coming around the corner. When it got around the corner they said it was a disc shape, hovering about 20 feet off of the ground. Of course, they stopped packing the trucks and stared in astonishment.

It hovered for a few minutes then moved about fifty yards closer to the men. It stopped suddenly and an appendage of some sort came out of the side and seemed to be inspecting them and their trucks. One of the men reached into his glove box and produced a flashlight. He shined the light directly at the thing and the appendage suddenly and silently disappeared into the side of the disc. They said it sat there for about 10 minutes until he shined it with the light again. At that point it turned and slowly hovered up and away until out of sight.

The reason my father believes the man is because he was a strong skeptic up until this point. And the second trucker also confirmed the story. Weird..
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Reported by: Dave G. - Crofton, MD - June 11, 2000 at 09:26 AM
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Charlottesville, VA - Date: October 1970 - Time: evening/dusk
County sighting took place: Albemarle - Witnesses: 5 - Objects Shape: Oval - Number of objects: 2
Object had lights - Object changed colors - Object hovered
Event Description:
I was standing on the balcony of my college dorm, located on a hilltop above Byrd Stadium at University of VA. I was looking east toward a low mountain ridge just south of Monticello, perhaps 2-miles distant. Dusk was falling, but visibility was excellent.

From the south, low along the ridge, I saw a craft approach. My first thought was helicopter, but it made no sound. The craft slowly came to a stop, silhouetted against the mountain ridge and seemed to float up and down slightly. Small red, green and yellow hull lights appeared.

My roommate joined me, unaware of what I was watching. I asked him to look east and tell me if he noticed anything. He said definitely something strange was visible and he left to get other people from the dorm.

As he returned with several more students, a second craft of similar size and type approached in the same manner and from the same direction as the first. Both craft then seemed to jockey for position, flashing their hull lights on and off. We all watched without saying a word to one another. One craft then slowly separated, heading back south along the ridge until we could no longer see it. The remaining craft stayed in it's position for several more minutes, then turned off it's hull lights and launched itself at a 45-degree angle, gaining speed at an incredible rate and leveled off before disappearing in seconds heading toward Richmond. This event took about 5-minutes.
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Reported by: Atkins S.- Louisa County, Va. - March 28, 2000 - 12:33 AM EST
Subject: UFO Sighting/Unexplained Event - Location: Louisa, VA - Zip Code: 23093 - Date: 1993/94
Additional Information: Wooded area - County sighting took place: Louisa
Number of witnesses: 1 - Objects Shape: Sphere - Number of objects: 1 - Object emitted beams of light
Event Description:
I was hunting turkeys on a parcel of land which I used to farm for my father in my teens, I am now in my 30's. I was about 23 when this occurred. I am into primitive hunting so I was wearing a walnut brown revolutionary war style huntsman's jacket with greenish fringe, a black beret, leather leggings, and armed with only a tomahawk and a single shot flintlock rifle, 36 cal.

I had stalked a flock of turkeys which I knew frequented the area for about two hours. They had passed through the forest which was now at my rear and entered a small field located on the edge of these woods. It was here that I lay down on the edge of the woods hoping for a clear shot as they worked their way across the clearing to the woods on the opposite side. As I watched, I noticed that it was getting late as the shadows were lengthening, and the moon already climbing in the sky. I had a few close opportunities for a shot, but none good enough to take where I was sure of a kill (and with flintlocks you only get one shot!!) So I let the turkeys pass unmolested away from me and into the darkness of the woods opposite. This took almost another 45 minutes, so it was full blown night as I turned my back on the clearing and headed back into the woods behind me, which my truck was about a mile and a half on the other side of.

I made my way down an old overgrown fire road in thick forest to my vehicle, enjoying the beauty of the night and the bright almost full moon. About halfway through the woods to my car something caught my eye. As I was walking, in my peripheral I noticed an unusual glinting from my gun barrel which I had cradled across my chest. At this, I stopped walking to inspect further. I looked at the gun which seemed to have an unusual glow...I held it out from my body and not only the gun but my hand as well seemed illuminated....multiple possibilities ran through my mind,..."I've seen foxfire before" I thought, maybe somehow I got some on myself and my gun??
Maybe it was on a spider web or something!!??? As I was thinking this I held out my other hand in front of my body palm down, it glowed as well!! Stunned and curious, I flipped it palm up, then noticed, the illumination was only on the upper side of my hand, however I turned that instance it dawned on me!! It was coming from above!! In this instance of realization, I immediately looked up and for about 1-1/2 seconds saw a perfectly round light above the tree tops beaming down on me! Almost as if it understood my recognition of itself, as soon as my eyes met it, the light disappeared, leaving no sound except the very light summer breeze in the trees, and a latent red spot in my vision, the same you see when turning off a light bulb in a then dark room, and then still seeing its image or shape till it fades from your eyes.

My first reaction was "AWW ------" Its some stupid poacher spotlighting from a tree stand for deer, and here I am with no blaze orange looking like a big fat buck!! I immediately shouted out "Hello!" to warn anyone from shooting me, expecting any second an arrow or shot from above. But after further inspection of the entire sight, which took me about ten minutes, there was no human in sight, no tree stands, nothing!!! In fact the spot where the light was shining straight down was in the middle of the road, where no tall trees grew, so no possibility of a tree stand is valid.

After recalling the incident I realized I could remember seeing the tips of the treetops between me and the light. I wasn't really scared, it happened too fast, and I was more curious than anything else. I have no clue what it was, but told the few people I trusted to tell about this that there's probably some government test pilot laughing about this with his buddies somewhere. "Hey guys, I scared this yahoo in the woods one time"!! etc., etc.
Who knows what it was, spooklight? Aliens? Government? I haven't got a clue......?
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Reported by: Matthew C. - Alexandria, Virginia - March 27, 2000 - 5:28 PM EST
Subject: UFO Sighting - Location: Alexandria, Virginia - Date: 03/25/2000 at 3:30 AM - Zip: 22312
Witnesses: 2 - Objects Shape: Other - Number of objects: 1 - Object had lights/made sound
Object: Had an Aura or Haze around it - Emitted beams of light - Changed colors - Hovered
Event Description:
While standing in my backyard, my friend & I heard what sounded like a low humming from the sky. As we looked up to see what we heard, we saw what looked like a giant hovering 'green city' with a spot light that was projected toward the ground. It also had red and green lights circling the bottom of the craft. It stayed there for about 30 seconds and slowly drifted out of sight away from us. The size was immense, it almost seemed to take up half of what my eye could see of the sky. Until this experience, I did not believe in UFO's, however, this is not something I can explain
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Reported by: Shannon S - South Hill , Virginia - December 29, 1999 - 2:53 AM EST
Subject: UFO Sighting - Event Location: South Hill, Va. - Event Date: 12/29/99 - Time: 2:30 a.m
Event Zip Code: 23970 - Number of witnesses: one - Objects Shape: Circle - Number of objects: one
Object had lights - Object had an Aura or Haze around it - Object changed colors - Object hovered
Event Description:
I was walking the dog and noticed a bright star..I kept looking at it and noticed it changed colors...I got some binoculars and noticed that it hovered and rotated..and had changing colors..very weird...didn't look like a star to me..none of the other ones looked like that...very weird.
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