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PostPosted: Wed 16 Dec - 00:40 (2009)    Post subject: Chupacabras Reply with quote

Fear of the Chupacabra has grown to such proportions, in Mexico, that some of the people have been trying to burn the creatures out of the caves, in which it is suspected they live. There is some concern that these fires could cause damage to the Ecco system around these caves.

The Mexican Government has taken the stand that the Chupacabra is the result of the over active imaginations of a frightened people. In spite of the numerous reports telling of the carnage wrought by the blood sucking beast government officials stand firm in their belief that the actual attackers are dogs.

Some of the information provided by the victims of the blood-loving predator is less believable than others. One such report was that it had come through an open bedroom window and attacked a stuffed animal.  A more startling account came from a young woman who claimed she had been attacked by a creature with horns, and wings. She went to the local police station and showed them teeth marks on her neck she claimed were made by Chupacabra. However, the police doubt her story.

Due to the outcry from people of her village a 15 person team was set up to try and capture the vicious blood sucker. They went to a farm where it was thought that the Goat Sucker had visited.  However, the only predators captured that night and taken in as evidence were a couple of dogs. In spite of the capture of the two dogs the citizenry of Mexico believes that Chupacabra does exist and is still roaming the mountains and valleys looking for more blood.

In the Hispanic neighborhood of Clearwater, Florida some 69 animals had been destroyed and mutilated.  Among the carcasses were goats, chickens, ducks and geese. Local officials blame the massacre on a large sized dog. But the people of the neighborhood blame Chupacabra.

One young man saw Chupacabra from a balcony and gave authorities the common description of 3 to 4 feet in height, spikes along the spine, glowing eyes, wings and long fangs. Chupa had stepped in to the backyard of the young man's home and attacked and killed the family's goat. The goat had been gutted and drained of blood.

Some 15 people in and around the same neighborhood have reported sightings of Chupacabra. The reports have been significant enough that the local Hispanic television station devoted a full hour to coverage on the beast.

One of the side effects of the Chupacabra interest is the sale of souvenirs. T- shirts and caps bearing the image of Chupacabra are among the items that have been made available to the public.

Although authorities feel that Chupacabra is alive only in the imaginations of frightened people they are still treating the reports of any sightings with  monitored respect. The slaughter of goats, chickens and family pets has increased at an alarming rate in many areas. Until the perpetrator of these crimes is captured and identified one cannot rule out the possibility of the heinous creature known as Chupacabra.

Although many have reported details about this mysterious "creature", few have actually seen it. Reports from around the world tell of thousands of mutilations of farm animals. The number of incidences of these horrors have increased, but by the time man has discovered the damage done, Chupacabra is no where to be found. Those who have seen Chupacabra report that this animal stands approximately 3 to 5 feet in height. It has fangs, quills on it's spine that can also be used as wings, red eyes and grey skin.

It has been reported that Chupacabra also has an unusual "smell" and leaves behind a stench that resembles sulfur. The main diet of this animal seems to be the Blood of the animals it attacks. The blood is literally sucked out of the animal. As a result, this creature was originally referred to as "Goat Sucker" due to it's zest for Goats in Puerto Rico, years ago.
Those who have seen Chupacabra relate that it hops similar to a Kangaroo. It has also been described as a panther-like animal. In addition to sucking the blood out of it's prey, the farm animals are totally mutilated. Body parts are missing, organs removed, with no visible exit wounds from the body, Except two puncture marks on the neck of the deceased animal.
The origin of Chupacabra is unknown. However, there is considerable debate in the Scientific Community as to the possibility that this "monster" may have been abandoned or inadvertently left behind by visitors from another planet, better known to you and me, as Aliens.
As of May 30, 1999, "MUFON" has confirmed that their field investigators have indeed visited the site of the most recently reported attacks, in Puerto Rico. This information describes details of various animal attacks around El Yunque (which is located at an elevation of 3,493 feet above sea level). The local villagers have become extremely frightened, fearing face to face meetings with the creature. Reports of Chupacabra actually leaving the ground, with the sound of flapping wings. Footprints were observed and cages that once housed animals were totally destroyed.
One farmer in Puerto Rico reports over 100 chickens were put into a trance by this creature,  and then systematically destroyed. The chickens did nothing to run away, and were killed, one by one.

The Chupacabra seems to be a recent arrival on the alien life form scene, becoming widely known only within the last several years. Its physical resemblance to the Mystical Gargoyle is extraordinary. Perhaps it's been around quite longer than we think.
Like most, we are not sure what to make of the Chupacabra. It appears to be shy and evasive, living off goats and other small, herd like, animals that it savages. Described as a malicious little devil, it stands approximately 3 to 5 foot in height, with large slanted red eyes, bumps and protrusions on its head, spine, neck and shoulders. Sightings of this creature seem restricted mostly to Mexico and other parts of Central America. However, there have been reports of the Chupacabra in the southern United States.  
Some feel the Chupacabra is in fact an alien experimentation gone wrong and inadvertently released here on earth.

August 30, 2000
Subject: El Chupacabra, OR?

Cryptozoology is a difficult word to pronounce and it's definition is one that almost makes your 'blood run cold.' To simplify, the word means the 'study of animals that may or may not be real.'  That in itself makes for more confusion. How can one study an animal that... isn't real?

At the top of the current list is an animal known as Chupacabra. Mystical Universe has done in-depth articles on this creature in the past and the latest information available leads us to South America, to the town of Calama, Chile. Last April, local farmers reported finding their goats and sheep, dead in their pens. The local press advised that more than 200 animals were found slaughtered, their throats sliced and blood completely drained from their bodies.

As one might expect, the Government of Chile has attributed this unusual and horrific find to a 'pack of wild dogs.' They explain further that the canines must have been separated from their normal food supply and ventured into unknown territory. Of course, this is always a possibility. However, this explanation does not account for the fact that the goats and sheep were not consumed, nor does it justify the reason all blood was drained from each corpse.

Another theory originates from a veterinarian, 'Dawn Ramirez' who examined 15 of the dead stock. Her analysis? She feels this is the work of, and we quote: 'A mutated bat of great size.' She added that in the 40 years she has been caring for the animal world, she has never seen anything like this. She contends that the possibility exists that this bat could be the end result of genetic and biotechnological creation.

Finally, just what NASA doesn't need is a connection to this event in Chile. Some of the local population contends that the military and NASA are involved. NOTE: NASA denies any connection in this regard, totally.

Again, we are faced with death and destruction by an unknown source. In all the reports we have studied the evidence is right in front of those who investigate and the attacker(s) are still running wild.

Dogs? A huge Bat? Chupacabra? As strange as this may sound.. if only dead sheep could talk.

Nancy, Director of Operations, Editor
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PostPosted: Wed 16 Dec - 00:40 (2009)    Post subject: Publicité

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